Placenta Encapsulation

Nature has provided a simple means to make the transition to motherhood easier for women and more peaceful for the entire family. Begin your mothering journey balanced, rested and joyful.

What if you could avoid the baby blues?

Over 80% of new mothers suffer from mood instability starting in the first week after giving birth. Dubbed the baby blues, it is considered a normal part of birth recovery.

The placenta contains your own natural hormones and is perfectly made for you, by you. Experts agree that the placenta retains hormones as well as iron, protein and other nutrients. Reintroducing them to your system is believed to ease postpartum and menopausal hormonal fluctuations, helps the uterus return to pre-pregnancy size more quickly, may lessen postnatal bleeding, and increase energy.

The placenta provides the means to replenish and nourish a  body. Placenta has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  for centuries to treat  fatigue, significantly increases a woman’s milk production, and affects a variety of chemicals in the brain. Placenta capsules are an easy way to restore what is lost during pregnancy 
and birth. These capsules can also be used for other stressful 
life transitions.*

My placenta encapsulation meets strict OSHA requirements. I've been approved by the Livingston County Health Department to process placentas in my home.

Placenta Encapsulation Service

  • Approximately 180-280 placenta capsules, enough for your postpartum recovery with some remaining for future use
  • Your baby’s umbilical cord, carefully dried as a special keepsake
  • Full postpartum support and resources to help you on your natural mothering path

Client Testimonials

"Karen, this is the best I have ever felt postpartum. Thank you for giving me this this opportunity. I honestly never knew that feeling this good was ever an option. It has been a really wonderful experience, as it should be. Oh and these pads are amazing too." - Crystal (after birth of 4th child)

"I am feeling fine so far. I realize that when I take the pills I have a better mood." - Noemi

"Doing well. Emotionally the best I have ever been postpartum." - Amy

"I am doing well. Just a little sleep deprived, which is to be expected. I definitely feel that the pills have helped ease my transition!" - Kelly

"Thank you very much for the placenta pills and the wonderful umbilical cord heart, it really is lovely... If we ever decide to have another child we'll do the encapsulation again. It was a tremendous help with the breast milk supply, mood regulation, etc. I forgot to take them one day and could tell it was smoothing out the ride. Thank you for all the information! Some of it has been very helpful. If you don't mind, I'll pass your contact info on to a few friends who are expecting." - Gail

Fee for Service - $275.

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Karen A. Miceli

Certified Doula

Certified Placenta
Encapsulation Specialist

Certified Herbalist

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