Birth Classes & Consultation

My birth classes are based on the Prepared Childbirth model. Prepared Childbirth means teaching and understanding methods to cope with normal childbirth and understanding the natural sequence of events in
labor and delivery. This gives Mom choices as to how to have her baby and along with her partner allows her to make these choices based on information not fear or ignorance. Even if she decides she wants regional anesthesia, she will understand the effects on her body as well as her
baby. Prepared Childbirth classes encompass different aspects of all the methods available today, such as Lamaze and Bradley.

The classes are typically four part:
  • Part 1 - Pregnancy (nutrition, exercise, posture)
  • Part 2 - Birth Plan (draft and final copy)
  • Part 3 - Preparing for Birth (end of pregnancy discomforts and how to relieve them, how labor progresses, signs of early/onset of labor, stages of labor, positioning for labor)
  • Part 4 - Postpartum, newborn care, breastfeeding 

It's best to begin classes early! Each class is taught in the privacy of your own home (or mine). Scheduling is flexible - choose dates and times which work best for you. I am available for consultation throughout your pregnancy to address any questions or concerns you may have. 

Client Testimonials

"Karen has great connections among [URMC Midwifery Group], and it was clear that she is a respected partner. After she helped us draft our birth plan, we brought it to one of the midwives for discussion. The midwife's immediate response was 'I'm sure everything on here will be fine since you're working with Karen.'" - Mira

"We were very happy with your services and were not disappointed with anything whatsoever. If we were to have more children in the future I would hire you without a doubt..." - Zak and Allison

"... an exteremly warm personality. I felt I could trust her... What she has done for me set standards and outreached by far any expectations I might have had in the past. Not only has she guided me safely through my labor and giving birth, but she was also capable of integrating [my husband] in all little and big steps in the hospital." - Daniela

"I always felt that I could call her anytime. After six pregnancies resulting in four births, I had a very good understanding of pregnancy and delivery. However, Karen's in-depth knowledge and understanding of my experiences gave me a fresh outlook into every stage of my pregnancy... she was always very supportive of my decisions. She gave me informative articles to read and presented me with the opinion of other professionals about my condition." - Charlene

Fee for Service - $350 (paid in two payments)
    Classes may be covered by your health insurance
    or flexible spending accounts.

Karen A. Miceli

Certified Doula

Certified Placenta
Encapsulation Specialist

Certified Herbalist